Logos and Graphics

I created this logo in 2003 for the Microsoft product codenamed Creekside (Windows XP Starter Edition), a pilot project accomplished by a small team with a small budget and on a tight schedule. Why choose the Pony Express as the inspiration for our logo? The Pony Express was a relatively small operation, with only about 80 riders at a time, and ran for less than two years. But it successfully filled an important need and was the immediate forerunner of a new technology, delivering communication to the frontier — sparsely populated areas with emerging economies. XP Starter Edition was Microsoft's low-cost PC pilot project for 42 emerging markets plus BRIC, providing technology to underserved populations.

With this logo design I incorporated the image of a growing plant into a salmon motif inspired by traditional Northwest Native American art. This visually expressed both the philosophy of the company and their product/service, which was an organic, ecologically-safe treatment for yards and gardens that does not damage salmon habitat (unlike most pesticides and fertilizers). The curved shape of the salmon motif echoes the repeated letter C in the company name. I designed this logo in 2006.

Team gifts and morale events can be fun to work on, because there is often a bit more creative latitude than with more formal projects. This design was for the Windows International 2008 Holiday gift. The goal was to design something "globally diverse." This design includes motifs and influences from every continent other than Antarctica and Australia (specifically the Norse, Chinese, Celtic, Pacific Northwest Native American, Kenyan, French, and Pre-Columbian South American cultures), and was printed on huge glass beer steins that were given to each employee.