Surface Pattern Design

I have been doing surface pattern design (designing patterns for fabric and paper) for my own enjoyment since 2010, and have also recently been studying the skills needed to do it professionally. For this collection, I chose a target customer and researched trends (you can see my moodboard/backbeat here).

I created one "hero" or "cornerstone" design, and many coordinating designs. I named this collection "Roughly Royal," and my goal with it was to create a set that has an aristocratic, baroque feeling, combined with a rough, aged, and weathered patina.

This particular colorway is inspired by a portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, which I included in the "hero" image. I also created many coordinating patterns. I hand-drew the other motifs in the design, based on classic damask and fleur de lis designs. By hand-drawing the motifs I not only gave them my own style but also incorporated a slightly loose, rough aesthetic into otherwise formal designs. This robe provides one example of how the patterns in this collection can work together.

I have created many other collections, as well. This skirt provides an example of my "Adopted Ancestors" collection.

Here are two surface pattern variations I created based on one of my linoleum block prints. As with the motifs in the Roughly Royal collection, this design is based on a formal, classical motif but is rendered in a rustic style that gives it unique interest.