Who makes Catwings?

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I live in the Pacific Northwest (near Seattle, WA) and enjoy art and design of all kinds. I paint, draw, design fabric, make jewelry, create strange little art dolls, carve block prints, design and sew costumes, accessories, and clothing, and so forth. I love trying out new art media and experimenting with various styles and combinations of materials.

I also love cats, and seem to be drawn to odd, fanciful, quirky, silly things. And when I got the idea to make angel wings for my cat Camille, all my friends loved them. So I thought I'd make some to sell, and see if other people like them too.

I hope you'll visit me on Etsy, Spoonflower, Facebook, Pinterest, or my own website (which I really need to update).

All pet photography by Emily Rieman of Best Friend Photography.

Jennifer Shepherd 2015. All rights reserved.